BP 2004


March 24-27, 2004
Budapest, Hungary
Csontvári-Kosztka, Tivadar: "Baalbek"

Travel information

- as of March 18, 2004 -

Location of the hotel: :
Hotel Sunlight , 41 Eötvös Street, Budapest, 1121

From the Airport to the Hotel
The Budapest Ferihegy II International Airport is located in the eastern part of Pest. Arriving at the airport after the passport control and baggage claim you may find a registration desk for the Airport Minibus service. The Minibus service serves the whole Budapest area and has fixed prices (around 2400 HUF one way). We suggest that the participants arriving at the airport use the Minibus service.

There is also a taxi service. In the hall there is a map indicating the prices of a taxi from the Airport to different regions of the city. Taxi drivers are not allowed to leave their cab, to avoid drivers offering their services in the hall.

The Budapest Public Transport operates buses (called "Reptér-busz") between the airport and Köbánya-Kispest Center (Subway 3, southern terminal station) during working days (between 4.55 AM and 11.20 PM every 15 min, after 7 PM every 20 min, in rush hours every 10 min.) and in week-ends (same timetable, but no rush hours). Regular HUF 140 ticket or pass is needed.

Car rentals: there are several companies on and off site (the latter providing a free shuttle to the renting office). Check with your travel agent.

Railway Stations
The three major railway stations, the Nyugati (west), Keleti (east) and Déli (south) are well connected by public transport   (Budapest Public Transport). On Intercity trains it is also possible to order a taxi on board.

Arriving to the Hotel:

- from Nyugati railway station take tram No. 4 or 6 direction "Moszkva tér" (4,6) and get off at the terminal, which is the Moszkva Square. Take the bus 21 (black), you can find its terminal near the 'castle-like' red building, which is a Post Office. This bus goes to the "Normafa", which is at the top of the Szechenyi Hill. You will travel around 20 minutes. Get off at the stop "Fülemile utca", where there is a tall water tower at the middle of the road. You are standing 30 meters from the Hotel Sunlight, the hotel plate can be seen from the street. The Hotel Sunlight is a tall, 6 level building among huge oak trees.

- from Déli railway station take the bus 21 (black) to Normafa [this is the first stop from Moszva Square] and go to "Fülemile Street", as above.

- from Keleti railway station take the subway 2 (red line) direction "Déli pályaudvar" till the Moszkva Square or to the "Déli pályaudvar" and use the bus 21 (black) to reach the Hotel, as above.

Arriving by car
Try to avoid using a car in Budapest. Note, that outside the cities it is obligatory to use headlights.

Arriving to the Hotel

- from the west (highways M1/M7): Entering the city limits keep to the right two lanes and choose the direction "Margit híd". Follow the main road. When you reach the "Déli pályaudvar" (large, white building), make a U-turn and try to come backward 300 meter. There is a tram line turning right, up to the Szechenyi Hill. Turn right here and go up-up-up to the Szechenyi Hill. If you can follow the line of bus 21 on Eötvös Street, then you will reach the water tower and the Hotel Sunlight. (See enclosed map.)
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